Sunday, February 6, 2022

Sadhuram Organic Basmati Rice

 Why Should You Go With Organic Rice

Much has been said about rice and still the buzz is going around that basmati rice is one of the most selling rice in India and even in the world and that is a bizarre truth.  When you talk about the taste and looks it is awesome.  But do you really think that this may contain harmful pericytes and other chemical-based fertilizer contents in it and when you cook it directly goes into your body and chemicals start changing your health structure?

For instance, many people may consider that available basmati rice is more affordable and contains great taste.  They often miss out on the fact that OBR gives more portions when cooked, filling up more plates as compared to conventional rice. 1Kg of Organic Basmati Rice contains more nutritional facts than normal basmati rice and less quantity is used in every meal. There are some facts for Organic rice

Organic rice contains less than 67% of glucose

Contains 0% arsenic

It is gluten-free

No Calories

There is no water wastage in it.

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